OM Top Operator Ballot

This is the On-Line Ballot for the OM Top OP Of The Month Award. Feel free to use it each month to vote for the OMISS Operator you feel was the Top Operator for that month. (One vote per month only, and please wait until the 20th.) You must be an OMISS NCS or VIP to vote for this award. Active NCS stations are not eligible for this award. Please see the NCS roster on the website for the most current list of Active NCS stations. INACTIVE NCS stations and all other memebrs ARE eligible for this award. Newly certified NCS stations will be eligible for the TOP OP award during the month in which they become certified. They will then only be eligible for the NCS of the month award per rules listed for that award. Any member will NOT be eligible to win both awards for any given month..

Voting Location: Ashburn, Virginia 20147 -- IP Address

Voting for TOP OP is closed at the present time


Awarded to the OM member voted the best all around operator for the month. All NCS and VIP stations may cast their vote with any Officer, Director, Band Net Coordinator, Net Controller, or the Awards Chairman. Votes may be cast by voice on the air, via email or postage mail to any one of the individuals listed above. All votes must be cast or postmarked by the last day of each month and the Awards Manager will announce the successful candidate by the 5th of the following month. A minimum of 5 total votes cast is required, and the top vote recipient must receive a minimum of 2 votes. If these minimums are not met in any given month, the award will not be given for that month.