OMISS Accepts PayPal

OMISS now accepts PayPal as an optional payment method for Lifetime Memberships and Awards Fees.
The fees for payments submitted via PayPal are the same as cash payments.

The OMISS paypal address is MEMBERSHIP (at) OMISS.NET

Current Fee Schedule (As of 1/1/2010)

A Lifetime Membership is $10.00

All Awards and Endorsements are $1.25 each (until further notice).

If you pay a Membership or Awards fee using PayPal, it is very important that the applicant include their Name, Call Sign, OMISS Number, and the Award(s) they are paying for, or the word Membership, in the PayPal "MESSAGE:" area. This is located at the bottom of the PayPal payment confirmation screen.)


If you use PayPal to make payments, you must submit your Membership or Awards Application separately. These submissions may be submitted via the USPS or electronically. Forms and complete instructions can be found on this website. Please make sure you submit ALL required paperwork to avoid delays in processing your Membership or Award Applicaiton.


  • OMISS Lifetime Membership
    Your Name and Call Sign


  • Choose a Quantity
    Name, Call, OM#, Award Name(s)


  • Quantity
    Name, Call, OM#