OMISS Administrative Section

Let Us Hear From You!

If you have a suggestion or comment, OMISS has an Advisory Committee set up specifically to bring your voice to the OMISS Board of Directors. You may use the feedback link in the menu at the left to submit comments directly to the Advisory Committee.

Contact the Advisory Committee

Current OMISS Officers

President: CARRIE #8420

Vice President: ED #7019

Treasurer: JOHN #4604

Secretary: MIKE #7112

Director: JOHN #8683

Director : BOB #1440

Appointments by the President:

Advisory Chair: DAVID #10429 ( *Director by virtue of position)

All Band Coord: ROBERT #977 ( *Director by virtue of position)

Awards Manager: JAMES #9818 ( *Director by virtue of position)

OMISS Board Meetings

OMISS Board meetings are open to all members. They are held on the second calendar Sunday of the month ( 7:00pm CST ) on ZOOM. Click the following Link to join the meeting. ( )