OMISS E-Mail Request Form

Use this form for all E-Mail Address related requests.

With this form you can:
1. SUBMIT your Personal Email Address information for the first time
2. CHANGE your Personal Email Address information
3. Choose to PUBLISH your Personal Email Address on the OMISS web site.
4. REQUEST an Email Address (

All email sent to the Email Address will be automatically forwarded to your Personal Email Address. By submitting this request, you understand that creating your account is not an automated process, and your address will be added as soon as our volunteers have time to add it.

Verification of
To see if you have been added, please try sending yourself a new email and see if it bounces. You could also check the listings, as we generally update the page as soon as we activate the email account.

In the first E-Mail address field on the form below be sure to enter your CURRENT Personal Email Address. This is the address we will use to confirm your request. It is also the address your email will be forwarded to.